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WordPress Plugins Top 270 Million Downloads


According to WordPress, the 18,000 + plugins that have been downloaded for the WordPress platform now exceed 270 million.  What we find the most amazing is that over the past year or so, the number of downloads appears to be growing at an exponential rate.   At the beginning of 2012, this number was approximately 250 million, and about a year ago, the number was under 150 million.

WordPress now powers approximately 14.7% of the top million websites in the world (which is up from 8.5%), according to website TechCruch.  About 22% of new active domains in the US are running on WordPress.[1]

We believe that the influence of the WordPress platform will continue to grow, which will come at the expense of companies charging high prices for closed-end systems.  In short, because WordPress and other Open Source systems (1) are free to use, (2) offer significantly more flexibility than most proprietary systems, (3) don’t tie law firms or other users to long-term, expensive contracts, we believe that WordPress (and, to a much less extent, other Open Source systems) will become the dominant platform for law firm websites.

As a side note, our founders have used a variety of CMS platforms, ranging from completely customized CMS platforms required for high-end social media sites, to other Open Source Systems, to WordPress.  Two years ago we converted our website from Joomla to WordPress for a variety of reasons, including our belief that WordPress was much more user-friendly than Joomla.  This is a decision that we have not regretted, especially as significant improvements have been made to WordPress during this time.  We now develop nearly exclusively on the WordPress platform.


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