Interactive Power for Law Firm Websites

Our Vision…

WordPrESQ is a hip division of a really cool companyEsquire Interactive.  We’re not the biggest website development company.  Nor do we intend to be.  We’re only interested in having the best website development solution for solo practitioners and small law firms.

WordPrESQ is founded on the idea of taking the world’s leading blog platform and transforming it into an all-in-one website/blog solution for solo practitioners and small law firms. It’s a solution where attorneys with little or no website coding knowledge can easily change content, talk about recent client success, create a direct dialogue with prospective clients,  and then move on to the task of serving their clients.

WordPrESQ allows attorneys to keep the money they earn, instead of paying thousands of dollars to have simple changes and updates made to their websites.[1] With our integrated CMS you can make the changes and additions to your website when you want.

WordPrESQ is built on the WordPress platform, allowing the integration of literally thousands of plugins and widgets to make a unique and one of a kind website to fit the needs of your firm.  At WordPrESQ we pride ourselves on creating the best, most affordable website solution on the planet for our clients.

Our Administrative Team

Jeff is our esteemed leader, visionary, and all-around great guy (he pays us, so we have to say this).  In a former life Jeff was a “big firm” corporate and securities attorney and general counsel.  Now he’s an author (The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development Management), internet entrepreneur, and driving force behind WordPrESQ and Esquire Interactive.

Cesar works on both WordPrESQ™ and JoomAttorney™ development and heads our graphic design team.  Cesar works with our clients to create a website that meets their specifications and resonates with prospective clients. Mr. Cruz is a self taught graphic designer and programmer, and has worked in various IT related fields.  Cesar is skilled in the areas of website and logo design, vector, and 3d modeling. He also proficient in the development of HTML pages such as CSS and javascript frameworks like Prototype, jQuery and Mootools.  has worked extensively with content management systems WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB, and develops custom applications for web-based platforms using PHP / MySql.

Kelly is our primary search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click marketing expert.  She will work with you to create effective Google adword campaigns according to the specific keywords associated with your law firm and practice areas.

[1] We’re always there to help clients make changes for our standard low rates.  For clients that prefer high developer costs for simple changes, we’re working on a program that will enable us to do so – please stand by.