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Law Firm Branding and Logo/Collateral Development

Law Firm Branding: should be created around the services that it provides, the clients that it desires to serve, and the value proposition that it offers.  We work with law firms to understand that firm’s goals and objectives, and then develop a unique brand for the firm.  Our objective is to create a brand that will clearly differentiate the firm in the minds of prospective clients.

Conceptual brand development time is charged on per-hour basis.  For more information about our branding services, please contact us.

Logo/Collateral Development: consists of developing a logo, business cards, and other law firm identity materials.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of making changes and adjustments to websites and web pages which will result in higher search engine rankings for desired search terms.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: we help you set up and create the ads that will get you seen on Google and the other major search engines fast.

Contact us to find out how Esquire Interactive Internet Marketing Solutions can help you get seen by your potential clients.


About Esquire Interactive

Esquire Interactive ( is a leading provider of website development, branding, Internet and law firm marketing services for attorneys.  Esquire Interactive serves its clients through brand creation, website development, search engine optimization programs, search engine marketing programs, newsletter campaign creation, and press releases.