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Develop New Clients with Google Places


Want to reach more prospective clients searching for your firm’s sevices on Google?

Google Places is a separate feature that allows business owners to create a profile for their business which is then displayed in response to search queries related to the products or services provided by the business.   In many searches, Google now places these “Google Places” listings before the usual search results.   Google Places results are indicated by the text “Place Page” on the right hand side of the listing. 

All indications are that Google will increase the use of Google Places listings.  Google’s rationale is that when users search for “personal injury attorney”, they likely want to see information about local law firms, not a list of the best optimized law firm websites throughout the country.

Google Places listings include an image and allow greater visibility for the business or service provider.   Because of the additional information and image, it is likely that prospective clients will be more inclined to click on these listings rather than “non- Google Places listings” that don’t include this information.

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