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The Law Office of John Burton Burton PLLC — Case Study

 Before  After

The firm’s original website is was based on a very “Web 1.0” look - it was dark, had pictures of gavels, scales of justice, eagles, and similar images, and included an attorney profile/resume.  In short, it and had all of the hallmarks of a typical law firm website.

While the website was professionally done, it was completely unappealing to prospective clients.  Like most law firm websites, it
•   lacked effective branding,
•  did not serve as a call to action for prospective clients, and
•  did not distinguish the Firm’s services from similar firms.

What We Did

We spoke with Mr. Burton to analyze his primary practice areas and desired clientele.  While Mr. Burton has a diverse skill set and legal practice, we focused the legal aspects of branding around his corporate and intellectual property practice, and used the “Client Centered Website Approach” to create a dialogue between Mr. Burton and prospective clients by explaining to them about how the Firm typically serves their needs.

Brand Development for the Firm

Mr. Burton practices in Phoenix, and likes old west memorabilia.  His practice is characterized by “traditional values” and a strong committment to served the needs of clients.  He wanted to convey these ideas to prospective clients, not only with words, but also with associated imagery that would resonate with prospective clients.

He also wanted the website to be very inviting, to serve as an effective all to action for clients to contact the Firm, and to create a brand that would distinguish the Firm from other law firms offering similar legal services. 

We developed a unique brand  for Mr. Burton based on all of these aspects.  The “old west” theme and “traditional values” are translated through the website by:

  • the colors used to develop the website,  
  • the website fonts (especially the font used in the firm’s tag line),
  • the firm’s logo, which was developed around an “old west” brand suggesting ranch operations, with a slanted “J”, and
  • nostalgic pictures.

To make the website inviting, we combined the “old west” theme with a Web 2.0 look, which is characterized by white backgrounds, borderless pages, a very “clean” layout using simple lines and uncomplicated navigation.

Every aspect of the website was developed around the “Client-Centered Website Approach”, as described in The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development Management.   In essence, each page is devoted around how Mr. Burton serves clients; as opposed to presenting a simple list of practice areas.  By reading the web pages, it’s clear to prospective clients how Mr. Burton’s services benefit them.

There is a strong call to action on virtually all of the pages of the website.  Mr. Burton personally invites clients to call him on virtually every page.

In order to resonate with prospective clients, we incorporated plugins and social networking widgets, including Facebook Connect and the cumulus word tag, to better suggest a sense of community.

Contact Us today to create your unique WordPress attorney theme website using the WordPrESQ theme that will resonate with potential clients.  Let the first thing potential clients see when searching for legal services is a website that captures the spirit of your law firm.