Interactive Power for Law Firm Websites

Cost Comparison

WordPrESQ is in the business of building law firm websites, but so is our competitor…   How do we compare?

  Esquire Interactive The Other Guys
Customized Websites Yes – all our websites are custom-built around your brand. If by “custom” you mean change pictures and law firm names using one of our templates, then yes, we provide custom websites.
Adding New Website Pages It’s easy, and you don’t need to know any website coding. We’ll do it for you (and charge you $150/hour).
Custom Branding We create an entire, fresh website look for firms, by creating a brand designed to resonate with clients. Ummm…we’ll make your website any color you like.
Understanding Law Firm Website Branding We wrote the book on it – The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development If by “law firm website branding” you mean charging a lot of money to build websites for law firms, then, yes – we’re good at it.
Understanding Your Firm’s Services Our founder and CEO personally works with all clients in developing the right and image.  He served as a corporate and securities attorney for an AmLaw 250 firm, as general counsel for an aerospace contractor, and as a senior attorney for one of the world’s largest companies.  We know your clients and the services you provide.  We know what a trust attorney does – he trusts other attorneys, right?
Pricing Our initial pricing is low, and our total cost pricing (initial cost plus expected ongoing fees) is extremely low, as we have no ongoing license fees or multi-year contracts.  As you can easily make most website changes yourself, you don’t have to pay us every time a small change is needed.   Our motto is “Bill ‘till It Hurts”.  We first bill you for building the website.  Then we bill you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per month.  Forever.  Hey – you ought to think about billing clients in perpetuity for pleadings, contracts, and legal memoranda – it’s a great revenue stream.
Images & Messages We use professional images and create unique, customized messages that resonate with clients.  We don’t use the typical law firm symbols – these don’t resonate with prospective clients. We have lots of great pictures of courtrooms, gavels, law books, scales of justice, and marble columns.  We believe that originality requires the use of these items.
Add Articles, Add/Modify Attorney Profile Pages, Practice Area Pages, & Other Pages All of our websites come with a Content Management System (CMS), so you can make changes on your own when you want.  No extra costs! You tell us what you want done and we’ll tell you when we can do it.  Oh and by the way, we will charge you for it.
Add Slide-Shows & Other Media Yes. We build it, you pay for it.
Content Management System (CMS) Yes - Make the changes yourself. Some of our websites do, and some of our websites don’t.  But don’t forget, there is an added cost.
Ongoing License Fees None. Of Course!  That’s how we make money.
Built-in Blog Using World’s Leading Blog System Yes. Yes - But it’s going to cost you.
Long-Term Contract None. Yes – Typically 2 years (we want to keep you locked in as long as we can).